Basurita Garderobe_ Raumteiler_Bett/ OBJEKT

The rebirth of thrown away and forgotten objects

La basurita is an interior series, which originated within the diploma project of FRAUPAWLIK.The project tempts to reduce our furniture to the essential one. Basic needs like sleep, sit, put away and stow away have the priority. Pointlessly the become everyday objects which the modern town person puts in the absence of need and interest on the street are used as a raw material. The fokusing on basic needs and the functional everyday objects originating in the draught process lead back the material of the street in the living area. Multiple possibilities of utilisation permit an adaptable use of the respective pieces of furniture. Thus the design from la basurita ends only with the use.

manufactured by fraupawlik c/o Katarzyna Pawlik

Aus einer Kleiderstange und Anschnallgurten sowie
externen Elementen besteht das Bett,welches zugleich
Kleiderstange und Raumteiler ist.Die verwobene
Liegefläche erlaubt es auf eine improvisierte Art,ohne
Matratze,schnell eine Schlafmöglichkeit zu schaffen.
Die beiden externen Elemente verlängern die Kleiderstange
auf Liegelänge,sorgen für die nötige Stabilität,fußen das
Bett und sind zugleich wieder Kleiderstange.Stellt man
das Bett auf,ist es also wieder Kleiderstange und durch
die verwobene Fläche Raumteiler.

Wardrobe_ Partition_ Bed

The bed is made up of seatbelts, a cloth rail and also of external elements. Above all it can be used as a cloth rail and a partition.Because of the interwoven lying surface its possible to create a improvised sleeping facility without needing a mattress.

Additionally both external elements extend the clothe rail up to human body length and coincident the feet of the bed which create the needful stability.By mount the bed it changed into a clothe rail and partition again.